Emcees, must HAVE or Have-not?

Although a large portion of society is already married, there are plenty of couples yet to take the plunge so it is imperative that the haves(married people) share the benefits of having had an emcee at their wedding, reunion, party , concert , special event or the drawbacks of not having had one or one that was sub par. The fact that most millennial's have no idea what an emcee is hardly eye opening. Just add it to a growing list that they need to study and realize there are many necessities they need that may not be computerized or microwaved and that it will benefit them immensely. Just like many old things are gone from the rotary phone, most Djs not playing Cd's and many traditional ceremonies. The days of getting uncle one more drink Joe, cousin bad joke Bob, aunt Amy, friend Faye, teacher Mr. Try, classmate Carl, wedding planner Patti or distracted DJ to take on the emcee/host duties are also gone! Emceeing is a profession just like any other. Emcees specialize in doing what they do. To not have one steering your event ship is asking to relieve the Titanic movie. This is not the job for a half interested captain or less that attentive second in charge or a wedding planner that's already wearing 10 hats which is preventing he/she to do the real job you hired them to do in the first place. OK here it is, the Emcee can transform your event into a memorable experience or a total nightmare. The emcee is the glue that holds the entire event together because they have to coordinate everything in the event. The emcee, acts as a captain, introducing speakers, keeping them on time, coordinate all the events and entertain the audience. This is hardly a position for someone unqualified, under the influence of alcohol, or not old enough to understand the importance of what remarks to make or not mention. Time to wake up havenots, this is not even about the money. If your event is important to you or your someone special, if you say your event is about class and style or you just say, as so many, we are going to do it big! Well then, the emcee should be at the top of your priority list. Otherwise, treat your event like you would letting someone else drive your car that's intoxicated, first time driver,texting while driving, running through red lights and stop signs or just recklessly driving while you sit in the back seat and by the way they'er not on your insurance. Because the havenots don't see this as essential it is vital that the haves who influence, pay for or are just being a part of the event plead, advise, consultant and maybe even beg at the thought of the unwanted embarrassment that might occur that the havenots find a suitable professional emcee to oversee their event and not just a free volunteer or low cost individual to stumble through a one chance to get it right event. The benefit is that whether your guest is a have or havenot they will all benefit from your event securing a professional emcee.

Entertainment Emcee Job

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