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Dwayne was born and raised in Texas. Beginning at the age of 8 he had a love affair with music, sports and entertainment.  Being part of a family/friend garage band, he quickly found his calling as an entertainer and promoter as he encouraged his bands mates to charge family and friends to see their performance in the garage. All this at that young age. Just a natural people person and a passion to put others In The Spotlight prompted him into a  being the local DJ for parties and events.  Dwayne's path then took him to college into a mass communications degree and thus propelled him into a long successful radio personality career. Although, along the way always  emceeing , performing or promoting others whether it be schools colleges,  major concerts or other events, it fit him like a glove. Radio was a childhood dream , however once accomplished it paled in comparison to what he feels being in front of a live audiences. He is a master at steering events into a pleasurable time. In 2006,Diamond resigned from radio, although pulled back in several times, it wasn't enough to keep him from his love of performing which he does now full time.

When you hire In The Spotlight with Dwayne Diamond, your guests are put into the light. Dwayne is a smooth cool gem who loves to encourage others as he puts them In The Spotlight. He takes the audience on a thrilling ride of a one man variety show where he pays tribute to old-school/new school eras through a unique experience. Dwayne specifically create shows to match every event. Each show features great music, skits, sing-a-longs, trivia, prizes,  plus surprises  all mixed with an award winning former radio personality and most importantly the AUDIENCE! He truly makes participants feel it's their time to shine.

In The Spotlight with Dwayne Diamond is great for public or private events. it's also great for coworker interaction, corporate events, gala's, banquets,expos, workshops, cruises, concerts, festivals,parties, reunions,fundraisers & more!