DYD mission Is to encourage you to follow your dreams through success stories, tips ,motivation and empowerment to help you get there!


Most People struggle to follow their dreams. We offer proven success tips from achievers to help others do the same on our weekly podcast.



This Podcast caters to ANYONE WHO HAS A DREAM! Whether it’s becoming an entrepreneur,  entertainer, business owner, sports figure or just someone wanting to better their daily life dreams. This platform is for those who want to learn success tips from those who have traveled the road to success and have dominated their dreams and freely want to share their tips with others. 


"Diamondnate Your Dreams" is a seasonal weekly Podcast on Tuesdays. It's broadcast from  Beaumont, TX. The DYD Podcast is available through online platforms YouTube, Spreaker (download free app) and other online platforms. It is hosted by accomplished Radio personality Dwayne Diamond.


Our guests are from various professions in which they have had success and dominated their dream!

Past guest includes Cupid shuffle fame singer Cupid, Legendary Singer Lenny Williams, Olympic High Jumper Inika McPherson, Former NFL Player Frank Middleton, CBS Network News Anchor Nicole Murray, Comedian Grossmann, and many more.



                                            "JUST TALKS THURSDAY"

Every Thursday on our private Facebook group page "Diamondnators Connect with Dwayne", DYD does a live broadcast. This show offers help to those seeking success tips about daily life issue dreams. The show features a different professional each week addressing a different topic. We would love for you to join the group.


Dwayne Diamond is an entrepreneur, former Radio Personality of 30 years, an Entertainer, Professional Emcee/Host, Speaker, Coach, Consultant, does a popular one-man Variety Show where he puts others “In The Spotlight” and  Founder/ Host of the "Diamondnate Your Dreams" Podcast. Dwayne is a Texan and has a degree in Mass Communication from Huston-Tillotson University in Austin, Texas. Diamond has extensive experience, having been part of countless events and interacting with thousands of entrepreneurs over the years.


After finding success and completing one of his dreams, at an early age, in the radio industry for many years Dwayne yearned for more. He had a sudden realization while attending a high profile concert mingling among the who’s who backstage. He began to hate his work, life, and felt underappreciated, held back, bound by red tape and reminisced on the road it had taken to get him there. Although he had success quicker than most, it concerned him that it could have been easier if others had shared more information during his journey of success.The one common denominator that he found was people didn't pass out information on "how to" freely. After some deep soul searching, he resigned and after completing several other ventures and having success, he  found that same component of people not wanting to share. This brought him to following the dream that he always wanted, and that was to share other's  success stories to make it an easier road to success for people to dominate their dreams. Dwayne's philosophy is "dreams come to reality through encouragement, effort and most importantly shared information from other successful people".


Diamondnate Your Dreams